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  • TopLine MD OBGYN, Dr. Joan Alvarez, talks about the symptoms and treatment of vaginitis, which is one of the most common gynecological conditions for women. Dr. Alvarez discusses the ways women can prevent vaginitis from occurring and the various treatment options.

  • "international patient selects dr. levin for delivery"

    Russian Elle Magazine

    A Russian patient describes how she found Dr. Levin through, a medical concierge service for Russian moms-to-be to deliver in the United States. View the full article that mentions, Levin’s Women’s Health HERE and visit Dr. Levin’s profile on HERE.


  • Find out more about “mother-daughter” days at Levin’s Women’s Health & Wellness Center and the special itinerary our practice can create for you and your loved one. 

  • "dr. levin's practice is superb!"


    "At Levin’s Women’s Health & Wellness Center, you’ll see women with babies on the way, coming for routine screenings, having in-office cosmetic

    procedures on their lunch breaks— and women of all ages discovering

    how to look and feel marvelous every day, for life." READ MORE...

  • "Dr. Levin provides procedure to alleviate menstrual discomfort"


    Published in Brazilian Newspaper, AcheiUSA, this article, written in Portguese, highlights the services offered at Levin’s Women’s Health and specifically addresses Dr. Levin’s solution to a common issue that many women face; menstrual discomfort due to heavy menstrual bleeding

    Though menstrual distress often prohibits women from pursuing their daily life activities, Levin’s Women’s Health offers a solution through a simple procedure named endometrial ablation. Endometrial ablations are performed in-office and are completed in less than one hour. For more information about the procedure, call our office to learn more.

  • World renowned plastic surgeon and expert in breast implant surgery and reconstruction, Leonard M. Hochstein, MD, PA, provides self-breast exam instructions and signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer in his practice newsletter. 

    Dr. Hochstein notes, "A pap test can save your life" and recommends that women schedule their well-woman exam at Levin's Women's Health. Call now to schedule your appointment 305-981-0231. 

    For more information on Dr. Hochstein visit:

  • "Doctor Feel Good"

    Aventura Magazine

    "Now, after having gained a tremendous amount of hands-on experience also with high-risk patients in different parts of the world and being board certified by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in the U.S., Israel and Europe, Dr. Levin opened his state-of-the-art OBGYN practice in North Miami." READ MORE...

  • "Levin's Women's Health helps you 'look and feel marvelous'"

    Aventura News

    At Levin's Women's Health & Wellness Center women visit for a variety of health and wellness needs. Want to know why? READ MORE...